Passenger carrying at sea in North West Skye for over 21 years!

Local seafaring family heritage

You can't go to sea on Skye with anyone better!

We seek to impart some of our passion for the Hebridean seafaring tradition to our visitors. Gordon MacKay, our skipper will help you to spot some of the local wildlife, explore our beautiful island-scape, and take home a bit of our culture, sharing it with enthusiasm and Highland hospitality. The local island marine heritage runs thick in his blood, inherited through family tradition. Having worked this island at sea with fascination for all his adult years you simply can't go to sea with anyone better.

Gordon is a fully qualified diver and skipper, with a long commercial and sports diving background. No amount of qualifications alone makes a good skipper and his combination of professionalism, local experience and fun are refreshing. While safety and reliability are off course paramount, imparting his enthusiasm of the sea that surrounds us and the marine and bird life that lives here, is considered of equal importance.

With over 30 years experience diving and skippering in this locality: his understanding of local tide and weather, enables him to ensure each days boat trips are delivered safely, and your wildlife spotting opportunities optimised. His understanding of the underwater topography and local tide and current, makes anticipating wildlife sightings a little easier. Close links with the local fishing boats, always means many pairs of eyes are assisting us in spotting wildlife for you.

Having worked this location for so many years doing dive charter and exploration, he is very experienced at landing people ashore, and coming alongside in a variety of locations.

At the risk of sounding like some cheesy coffee table glossy, we thought we'd give you some wee snippets about Gordon, the skipper, from his customers... for those that don't already know him! (opens in a new window)

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