Choose Divers Eye Boat Trips for your adventures at sea on Skye
Divers Eye Boat Trips, leading adventure at sea on Skye since 1986

Reassuringly experienced

Let us 'Welcome you Aboard' to discover magnificent coastal waters

Enjoy a boat trip with our experienced local skipper whose intimate working knowledge of the local coastal seas can help you discover the magic of this very unique marine environment. A wide variety of boat trips offers something for everyone.

Sailing from the best of locations, in the waterfront and historic fishing village of Stein, these unique boat trips offer the opportunity to explore the captivating north-west coast of Skye.

Discover our unique landscape which combines world class majestic mountains with an intricate coastline of tiny islands and secret beaches. Acclaimed as the best marine life watching area in Europe, you can enjoy comical puffins, soaring sea-eagles, and gannets plummeting into the rich clear ocean. This restless Atlantic Ocean stretches to the deep western seaboard, where an uprising of plankton rich waters sustains a vast range of sea-life both above and below. Porpoise, dolphin, minke whale and many others, besides the increasingly common basking shark, can all be seen, as well as the family favourite common and grey seals. Sitting by the shore you may be rewarded with a cheeky otter, hooked in the kelp feasting on a sea urchin; a truly joyful sight. On land, the wild moorland and rugged mountains, clad with purple heather and many wild flowers, present endless opportunities for the patient explorer to encounter the grand red deer and a few of the 240 species of birds recorded on this gulfstream island. There are endless wildlife opportunities to experience, heritage to discover, walking to explore, superstition and legend to intrigue you, all autographed with the most spectacular sunsets in Skye!

Let us make your day one to treasure!

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