Frequently Asked Questions

What wildlife & birds will we see?

Many species of bird, land animals, marine mammals and fish are resident, both breeding and thriving in the coastal area in which we operate, while others are migratory and pass through at times of year which are approximately the same and predictable. Knowledge of weather patterns, underwater topography, coastal environment and experience all help to predict where species may be seen, but unfortunately it would be misleading to guarantee sightings of any wildlife species.

The WiSE scheme

We are accredited by The WiSE scheme and the welfare of the marine mammals and seabirds of the area must always be protected. We endeavor not to disturb these creatures in their wild habitat, particularly in the breeding and rearing season. In doing so, we protect the longevity of the creatures, their colonies and therefore the future of your wildlife watching opportunities in the area. To ensure you still have good views of these animals we do have binoculars aboard for every passenger, including children. As we have been operating in the area for over 20 years, seals in particular have become used to our presence. (opens in a new window)

Will we see Seals?

The islands of Lochbay (Lampay, Isay, Mingay and Clett), are designated and protected by their status as a 'Special Area of Conservation' in recognition of their importance as a breeding ground for common seals. Pups born in June are easily reared in this sheltered position with access to rich feeding grounds of the deep water in adjacent Loch Dunvegan. (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)

I want to go whalewatching can we do that with you?

The trips that venture further out of Lochbay to Dunvegan Head, Neist Point, The West Coast and Waternish Point are the most likely trips in which whale sightings will occur, but it cannot be guaranteed. They are seen increasingly regularly in the summer and the area is acclaimed as the richest for marine mammals in Europe, so your chances don't get much better in the wild. In the last year our divers have been visited underwater by porpoise, a certain sign that neither our vessel or behaviour is disturbing them.

How can you run so many different trips together?

Many of our trips can run together within the same timetable as the richness of the locality means that most of these trips are based within vicinity of one another and can run concurrently in the timetable. People on board may be on a different trip and may be dropped ashore along the way during your trip.

Do you have short trip suitable for young children?

Recognising that families may have young children, whose attention may not suit a long trip, we include a shorter family friendly trip and family package ticket price. 'Elena C' is a large, stable boat and ideal for children. We do request that all children under 11 wear a life jacket while aboard.

How do I book?

As our trips are busy we do recommend booking which can be done by phone and will be available online soon. Tickets can be bought at our ticket office in the village which is signposted 'Divers Eye Boat Trips'.

Can I cancel?

You may cancel, and we can try to resell your seats, but this may not be possible depending how close your cancellation is to your booking.

What happens if you cancel the trip?

As customer safety is of paramount importance we may have cancel the trip; for example due to inclement weather. In this case we will offer a replacement trip depending on availability, a voucher, or full refund.

Do you operate all year round?

We operate daily from March October, and by prior booking or charter throughout the winter months.

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