Marine wildlife watching opportunities acclaimed "to be the best in Europe!"

Sailing from historic Stein in NW Skye

Divers Eye, the boat trip with an extra special edge!

Skye at the centre of the Hebridean archipelago, is the perfect island location. With the deep Atlantic seaboard on its western horizon, 'Diver's Eye Boat Trips' offer excursions to some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in Scotland where marine wildlife watching opportunities are acclaimed 'to be the best in Europe'.

a dynamic marine landscape & vitalizing ocean currents: astonishingly Skye lies on the same latitude as Hudson Bay and Labrador, where seas are frozen for many months each year. Fortunately Skye's climate is favorably influenced by Gulf Stream currents originating in the Gulf of Mexico, keeping the western coastal seas warmer than the eastern seaboard of Britain. This brings an abundance and variety of marine life which the clear and clean waters help to sustain.

The island climate combines with its mountains, soaring cliffs and the surrounding ocean, to display some of the world's most breathtaking scenery. The geological excitement around this extraordinary coastline of sheer cliffs and secret beaches, continues beneath the waves, shedding only the cloak of purple heather and grass for the living mantle of kelp forest, sponges and anemones. These high-energy tidal waters, offer world-class feeding grounds for all components of the food chain which supports an enormous variety of marine wildlife, from the smallest plankton to the whales and basking sharks that thrive on them.

perfectly located in the historic fishing village of Stein: Diver's Eye Boat Trips operates from the village of Stein, which nestles on the shores of Lochbay renowned for its fiery sunsets. From here easy access to the magnificent coastal waters of the Minch, encounters scenery of plummeting sea-cliffs and white coral beaches, beside shallow nursery reefs and clear deep blue seas offering endless word class coastal wildlife watching opportunities! Booking advised, tickets also available at local ticket office named 'Divers Eye Boat Trips'.

Seals (common) Special Area of Conservation & bird breeding colonies: the islands of Lochbay (Lampay, Isay, Mingay and Clett), are designated and protected by their status as a 'Special Area of Conservation' in recognition of their importance as a breeding ground for common seals. Pups born in June are easily reared in this sheltered position with access to rich feeding grounds of the deep water in adjacent Loch Dunvegan. These islands are a breeding colony for numerous seabirds, whose undisturbed life enables nests to be built with abandon all over the grassland foreshore, reed beds and seacliffs. (opens in new window) (opens in a new window)

complimentary local facilities: Diver's Eye Boat trips operate from the Waternish peninsula where great local amenities mean you can plan at least a whole day in the area around your boat trip. With a turbulent and bloody clan past there are plenty of stories to uncover and a vibrant arts and crafts community offer workshops and galleries to explore. Lunch and dinner are provided at Stein Inn the oldest Inn on Skye, or Lochbay Seafood Restaurant both adjacent to the jetty. Why not end the day with a dram at sunset outside the pub, if you're not on our Sunset Ceilidh! (opens in a new window)

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