Divers Eye Boat Trips, strive to make moments you will treasure a lifetime, where the everyday is extraordinary.

With 35 years of experience running scuba diving expeditions and 20+ of wildlife watching, we enjoy ‘all things sea’. Offering the very best of wildlife watching adventures, fishing trips, Go Ashore trips, wild-swimming and snorkelling, we strive to ensure everyone has a the best possible experience with us. From the fun filled family friendly trips to the wildlife enthusiast and bespoke charters, we offer a local island welcome abord with us.

Passionate about sustainable tourism we are  WiSE accredited operators and take care to strike the balance between giving incredible wildlife encounters, without impacting on their wild lives.

We run beach cleans, participate in community science monitoring and survey programs, contribute to research projects, and collaborate to promote and develop ecosystem biodiversity enhancements.

We are keen to adventure, entertain, educate, facilitate, create and collaborate with the ambition of leaving our wee corner of the world a rich treasure for future generations to enjoy as we do now, or better!