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We have listed some of the most commonly asked questions below, along with answers. If you require more information please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

WHAT TRIPS CAN MY CHILDREN COME ON?2024-05-15T17:01:31+01:00

Children of all ages are welcome on all trips. Every child is different and we feel that the parents know best what length of trip their children will enjoy. For families with a number of children of different ages, or with very young children the Family Friendly trip can work well, as its more playful, and child orientated.  Because our passenger license limits the number of people aboard to 12 maximum, there are no child discounts on our longer trips. Our shorter Family Friendly trips are priced per family.

IS THERE PARKING NEARBY?2024-05-15T17:02:09+01:00

Yes there is parking at the ticket office. Parking is at your own risk. There is also parking through the village and in a car park at the jetty where the trips depart from. This is 200m from the ticket office.


We vary our trips throughout the season to maximise the wildlife sighting opportunities at that time. Trips are made available when we have assessed the seasons, conditions, and wildlife present and when we think that the trips are most likely to deliver what we advertise. If a trip in our brochure is not available on the timetable, it is because the experience or activity is seasonal. 


We occasionally offer special ‘ONE OFF’ pop up sailing’s which might include unusual or special sailings. An unusual destination, a one-way trip, maybe a special event or bespoke expedition, a special activity, swim or snorkel, or to see some unusual wildlife in the area. If you SIGN UP for Enews or FOLLOW US on SOCIALS, you will hear about those opportunities when they are released. 


It is possible to arrange a private charter subject to availability. As a general guide that would cost 12 x the ticket price of that same standard trip. This may vary off season. It may also be possible to offer a bespoke trip for your group of people. Please GET IN TOUCH to enquire.

WHEN SHOULD WE BOOK?2024-05-15T17:04:26+01:00

Our core trips are released 3-4 weeks in advance of the trip date. When the trips become available, you should book as soon as possible, as we have limited spaces.


A scheduled sailing requires minimum numbers to sail. If insufficient numbers are not achieved, you will be notified and given the opportunity to reschedule to another date. If a suitable alternative trip cannot be offered, you will not be charged for your trip. 


Sign up for Enews at to get timetable updates when they are released.

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HOW DO I MAKE A BOOKING?2024-05-12T19:19:42+01:00

To BOOK you can search availability by either 

  1. Exploring our trip selection, choosing a trip and pressing the book button which will offer dates. 
  2. Or by searching our timetable by date to see what’s scheduled on a particular day. 
  3. If the trip you want to do is not available do get in touch. Sometimes extra trips may be added if there is sufficient demand and capacity in the timetable. 
WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER?2024-05-12T19:26:36+01:00

All trips are subject to weather and demand and may change at short notice. We will sail if the weather and sea is safe to do so. We will not sail if there is heavy rain. We will sail if there are showers or light mist. If you book a trip, it is assumed that you accept this weather policy and you will be expected to pay even if you choose not to attend. 

WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY?2024-05-12T19:28:31+01:00

CANCELLED BY YOU at SHORT NOTICE (less than 24hrs before trip) | If the trip is running and you have booked you will be expected to come on the trip. If you choose not to come for whatever reason, you will be expected to pay and your credit card will be charged.  

CANCELLED BY YOU at LONGER NOTICE (more than 24hrs before trip) | See above. If you give us notice of cancellation more than 24 hrs before your trip’s departure, we will try our best to resell your places. If we can resell the tickets, we will refund your ticket price less a 10% admin fee. If we cannot sell your seats, then your tickets will remain payable in full and the amount due will be deducted from your credit card when the trip is delivered. 

NO SHOWS | These are payable in full and your credit card will be charged when the trip is confirmed as sailing. 

CANCELLED BY US|  due to weather. We will offer the opportunity to  

  1. Move to the same trip on another day. 
  1. Move to a different trip and we will refund the difference in price. 
  1. Have your ticket refunded in full. 
WHEN IS PAYMENT TAKEN?2024-05-12T19:30:40+01:00

All tickets booked in advance and paid for by credit card will be paid for on confirmation of the trip going ahead, on the day/time of departure.

All customers paying by cash should do so when they book their tickets. 

HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES THE BOAT TAKE?2024-05-12T19:31:49+01:00

Most trips take 12 people.

Every person aboard is allocated one of those places including babies and young children. This is because we are licensed for a maximum number of passengers and the emergency lifesaving equipment carried aboard is for a fixed number of people. 

Some trips will have less people aboard, to ensure your safety, eg fishing trips.

WILL WE WEAR LIFE JACKETS ?2024-05-12T19:36:45+01:00

The ‘Elena C’ is a stable vessel with high sides, with very little risk of you falling overboard.

Adults do not wear lifejackets during the trip. Emergency life jackets are onboard for adults but only used in emergencies.

Children under 50kg will be given lifejackets to wear aboard. This is to ensure that your child is wearing the correct lifejacket for their weight and to ensure that it is correctly fitted. These need to be booked and allocated at the time of purchasing your tickets and you can do that during online boooking. You must come to the ticket office 15mins before your trips departure to collect the lifejacket and have it fitted prior to boarding the boat. 

CAN I BRING MY DOG?2024-05-12T19:40:35+01:00

We allow up to 2 medium sized dogs, from the same family, onboard any trip. You must tell us when you book that you want to bring your dog, there is space during the booking process to do this. Dogs not booked will not be able to come aboard unless there are no other dogs with us on that trip. Dogs must be on a lead.

Our passengers comfort and safety is always our priority. Any dog that appears to behave in an intimidating or threatening manner may not be permitted to come aboard and the skippers decision is final in this matter.


All children aged under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 


In line with our ‘EQUALITY & DIVERSITY POLICY’, we will always endeavor to be inclusive, whenever it is possible to do this safely. If you have restricted mobility, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, and wherever possible we will offer advice and to make the necessary arrangements to enable us to welcome you aboard. 

IS THERE A TOILET ABOARD? 2024-05-12T19:47:57+01:00

Yes, the boat has a toilet aboard. It is in the galley on a lower deck, which is accessed by 3 vertical ladder type steps. It does have hand grabs to assist you. It is a small ships toilet with restricted space for movement. 

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? 2024-05-12T19:49:24+01:00

The weather can change dramatically in a short space of time while at sea. Wearing multiple thinner layers will keep you warm and you can remove them if you are too hot. We advise you to bring wind and waterproof jackets, trousers and a hat.

Sunglasses and sunblock are also advised, as the sun can be very strong and the atmosphere is very clear.  

CAN WE BRING DRINKS & FOOD?2024-05-15T17:08:05+01:00


Teas and coffees are provided on the boat. 


Please feel welcome to bring snacks or lunch, and whatever else you might require for your comfort during the trip. There is a small cabin where dry items can be stored. 

SHOULD WE BRING CAMERAS and BINOCULARS 2024-05-12T21:24:22+01:00

We do have opportunities to get quite close to the birds and wildlife, although we respect the WiSE wildlife watching code to ensure not to cause disturbance.

It is always useful to have binoculars and you are welcome to bring them aboard. To take home memories of your day, you might want to bring cameras and phones.

However we must remind you, that it is a wet and sometimes rough environment, and we cannot accept liability for loss or damage to your equipment. 

CAN WE GO FISHING?2024-05-12T19:56:43+01:00

We do offer fishing trips and family friendly short fishing trips, which are always popular.

Our fishing trips are for summer mackerel and pollock.

We can provide up to 4 roads per trip, sometimes hand lines. Fishing is often an exciting new experience for children and we restrict rods to 2 per family of 4 to limit the possibilities of people being caught with hooks. 

We permit a modest number of fish to be taken home ‘for the table’ on the promise they will be eaten.

All other fish are returned to sea for sustainability.  

CAN WE SWIM OR SNORKEL DURING THE TRIP?2024-05-15T17:09:30+01:00

We do offer wild swiming and snorkelling trips, when weather conditions and demand are right.

We can organise bespoke charters for both. 

These trips are for competent swimmers and no guiding or instruction is available. You must have your own equipment, wetsuits etc.

We provide transport to known good sites only.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a participating adult.

You will be asked to make a declaration ‘of fitness to participate’ and ‘competence’ at the time of booking. 


We enjoy a very wide diversity of wildlife in our area of operation. Each boat trip description details the birds and wildlife that you have a good chance of encountering. We put regular photographs and videos from our recent trips on Social Media to give you an idea of what you might see. If you use the date filter on fACEBOOK you can loook back at what we saw in the same time last year.


WHAT DOES WiSE ACCREDITED MEAN?2024-05-12T21:39:14+01:00

WiSE is a wildlife safe watching scheme. It provides training to accredited operators to ensure they understand wildlife law, safe watching practices, the access to the latest scientific studies interpreting wildlife and birdlife behaviour, the threats they face and their success in the wild. It enables us to protect the welfare of the creatures we go to watch while also gaining insightful  knowledge to pass on to you, enriching your wildlife experience.

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